In the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence, managing your subscription renewal settings efficiently is crucial for seamless access to cutting-edge technologies. Cieum AI provides a user-friendly interface to handle your subscription details, ensuring a hassle-free experience. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of managing your subscription renewal settings and provide valuable tips for optimizing your Cieum AI subscription.

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading Your Cieum Plan

    Go to Cieum Dashboard:

    Dashboard Cieum AI ai.cieum .com

    Navigate to Your Account and Plan:

    • On the left sidebar, find and click on “Your Account.”
    • From the dropdown or subsequent page, locate and click on “Plan.”
    • Direct link:
    ScreenShot Tool 20240127110148

    Details Page – Current Plan:

    ScreenShot Tool 20240127110048

    Details Page – Choose a New Plan:

    • You’ll be directed to a page displaying different plans.
    • There will be options for Monthly, Annual, and Lifetime plans.
    • Click on the “Choose Plan” button for the plan you want.
    ScreenShot Tool 20240127110413

    Payment Frequency:

    • On the next page, you may need to choose the payment frequency.
    • Options may include Monthly Payments, Annual Payments, and Lifetime Deal.
    • Select the desired frequency.

    Payment Method:

    • Choose the payment method you prefer (e.g., Credit Card, PayPal).

    Type of Payment:

    • Specify whether it’s a One-Time Payment or Recurring Payment.

    Discount/Redeemable Code:

    • If you have a discount or redeemable code, look for a bar labeled “I have a discount/redeemable code” and enter the code if applicable.

    Proceed to Checkout:

    • Look for a button labeled “Checkout” and click on it to proceed with the payment process.
    ScreenShot Tool 20240127110830 edited

    Please note that the actual steps and interface may vary depending on updates to the Cieum platform, so always refer to the latest instructions provided by Cieum for the most accurate information.

    Tips for Optimal Subscription Management

    1. Regularly Review Your Plan

    Ensure it aligns with your current AI needs.

    2. Set Automatic Renewal Reminders

    Stay informed about upcoming renewals.

    3. Explore Cost-Effective Plans

    Assess your usage to choose the most economical plan.

    4. Utilize Discount Codes

    Take advantage of promotions for additional savings.

    5. Keep Payment Information Updated

    Prevent disruptions by maintaining accurate details.


    Navigating and managing your subscription renewal settings with Cieum AI is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your AI experience. By staying informed and utilizing the platform’s features effectively, you ensure uninterrupted access to the latest AI advancements.


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