1. Visit the Registration Page:

    Open your web browser and go to the registration page by entering the following link in the address bar: ai.cieum.com/register.

    FireShot Capture 060 Sign in Cieum AI ai.cieum .com 1

    2. Fill in Your Information:

    • Enter your full name in the “Name” field.
    • Provide a valid email address in the “Email” field.
    • Choose a secure password and enter it in the “Password” field.

    3. Read and Agree to Terms:

    • Below the password field, you’ll find a statement confirming that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the site.
    • Make sure to go through these documents by clicking on the provided links if you haven’t already.
    • Once you’ve read and understood, check the box or click the button confirming your agreement.

    4. Complete the Sign-Up Process:

    • Look for a “Sign Up” or similar button on the page and click it.
    • Some platforms may require additional steps, such as email verification. If so, follow the instructions provided.

    5. Confirmation Email (if applicable):

    • Check your email inbox for a confirmation message from Cieum.
    • If required, click on the confirmation link provided in the email to verify your email address.

    6. Login to Your New Account:

    • Return to the Cieum website and use the email and password you provided during registration to log in.

    Additional Note: Cieum Supports Single Sign-On (SSO):

    • Cieum provides the convenience of Single Sign-On (SSO) across all its products. This means that once you’ve signed in to one Cieum product, you are seamlessly authenticated and logged in to all other Cieum services without the need for multiple logins. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of managing your account with Cieum’s SSO feature.

    That’s it! You should now have a successfully created account on Cieum. Explore the platform and make the most of its features. If you encounter any issues during the registration process, check for error messages or contact Cieum’s support for assistance.


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