In the fast-paced digital landscape, building a robust email list is essential for successful online marketing and lead generation. Cieum’s Email Collector offers a seamless solution to gather valuable user information, helping businesses connect with their audience effectively. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Cieum’s Email Collector, ensuring you harness the power of email marketing to its fullest potential.

    Creating an Email Collector with Cieum :

    1. Register on Cieum Social Proof:

    2. Install Cieum Pixel:

    3. Access Cieum Dashboard:

    4. View Email Collector Settings:

    • On the dashboard, you’ll see a list of options (View, Statistics, Edit, Install Pixel, Custom Branding, Duplicate, Delete). Click on “View.”
    Dashboard Cieum Widgets widgets.cieum .com

    5. Create a New Notification:

    • In the next page, select “Create a new notification” and choose “Email Collector.”
    Create a new notification

    6. Basic Settings:

    • Fill in the details in the Basic section, including Notification name, Title Message, Description Message, Name Placeholder, Email Placeholder, Button Text, Show Agreement, and Thank you URL. Click “Update.”
    Notification My new notification Cieum Widgets widgets.cieum .com

    7. Trigger Settings:

    • Configure when the notification should appear by setting triggers like Display trigger, Delay, Exit Intent, Scroll Percentage, Mouse click, Mouse hover, and Display frequency. Click “Update.”
    My new notification Cieum Widgets widgets.cieum .com

    8. Display Settings:

    • Customize the display settings, including Direction, Display position, Display duration, Display Close Button, and Display Branding. Click “Update.”
    display settings Cieum Widgets widgets.cieum .com

    9. Customize Appearance:

    • Adjust the appearance in the Customize section by setting Title color, Description color, Background color, Background pattern, Button background color, Button color, Close button color, Border width, Border color, Border radius, Display shadow, Entrance Animation, Exit Animation, Animation, Animation interval, and Font. Click “Update.”
    custom Cieum Widgets widgets.cieum .com

    10. Data Settings:

    1. In the Data section, configure options to Send caught data to external sources through Webhook or Email. Click “Update.”
    data Cieum Widgets widgets.cieum .com

    11. Save and Implement:

    1. After configuring all settings, save your changes and implement the email collector on your website.

    Now, your Cieum Email Collector is set up to collect emails and generate leads from your users. Make sure to test the functionality on your website to ensure it works as expected.

    Tips for Optimizing Cieum’s Email Collector:

    1. Clear and Compelling Messaging:
      Craft concise and compelling messages for your email collector. Clearly communicate the value users will receive by sharing their email, fostering trust and increasing conversion rates.
    2. Strategic Display Triggers:
      Experiment with different display triggers to find the optimal timing for your email collector. Whether it’s exit intent, scroll percentage, or time delay, strategic triggering enhances user experience.
    3. Aesthetic Customization:
      Pay attention to the visual appeal of your email collector. Customize colors, fonts, and patterns to align with your brand, creating a seamless and aesthetically pleasing user experience.
    4. Regularly Update Thank You URL:
      Keep the Thank You URL up to date. Redirect users to relevant content or special offers, reinforcing their decision to share their email and increasing overall satisfaction.
    5. Monitor and Analyze Performance:
      Regularly analyze the performance metrics provided by Cieum’s Email Collector dashboard. Adjust settings based on user interaction patterns and continually refine your strategy for optimal results.


    As you conclude the setup of Cieum’s Email Collector, you’ve taken a significant step toward enhancing your digital marketing strategy. The ability to effortlessly collect emails and generate leads is now at your fingertips. Monitor the performance of your email collector, optimize as needed, and watch as your audience engagement and conversion rates soar. Cieum’s tool empowers you to build lasting connections with your audience, laying the foundation for a successful online presence.


    1. Is Cieum’s Email Collector compatible with all website platforms?
      • Cieum’s Email Collector is designed to be versatile and compatible with various website platforms. However, it’s advisable to check for specific integrations or plugins based on your website’s platform.
    2. Can I customize the appearance of the Email Collector to match my brand?
      • Absolutely! Cieum provides extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance of the Email Collector to align seamlessly with your brand colors, fonts, and overall design.
    3. How often should I display the Email Collector to users?
      • The frequency of display depends on your audience and content. Experiment with different display frequencies, but be mindful not to overwhelm users. Strive for a balance that encourages engagement without causing irritation.
    4. What should I include in the Thank You URL?
      • The Thank You URL is an excellent opportunity to provide value. Redirect users to exclusive content, special offers, or a personalized message, reinforcing their decision to share their email with you.
    5. Can I track the performance of my Email Collector campaigns?
      • Yes, Cieum provides a comprehensive dashboard where you can track the performance of your Email Collector campaigns. Monitor metrics such as conversion rates, user interactions, and adjust your strategy accordingly for optimal results.

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